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More specifically, why do you feel this way? Let us know your reasons you feel one is more formal than the other. Photo courtesy of Justin Henry. Why would anyone get worked up about two sentences which lookibg essentially saying he same thing?

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I think people have way too much time on their hands if this is something they eel needs to be argued about. I have to agree. The first sounds more formal to me while the second is a little bit less formal. They are worded differently. It amazes me what people will argue and get worked up about on the Internet. They both mean the same Yo. People get all worked up about things like this while there are real tragedies in orr world.

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I think we all need to rethink our priorities. The argument between these two is nothing more than people wanting to create something to disagree about. However, some stative verbs are occasionally used yoi the progressive form when they describe something with a definite beginning Might be looking or you end.

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Some stative verbs can be used in gou continuous form but their meaning might change. The BBC has a good lesson about "Using stative verbs in continuous tense":.

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Many state verbs Might be looking or you two different forms a state one and a dynamic one with a change in meaning:. We can use the present continuous with foreveralways and constantly to show annoyance about a repeated habit:.

State verbs can be used in the continuous form to make requests and questions more polite and less direct:. Sometimes we use a state verb in the continuous form to emphasise a strong feeling at the moment of speaking:.

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Another good use of "looking good" you may find interesting. Its purpose Miyht usually to reassure, not to compliment. It's not usually meant to reassure except in a general way; it's appreciative.

It tends to be used more for physical qualities than grooming, but there's no clear dividing line. Those shoes look good with that outfit.

That dress looks good on her. It has a more active, progressive feel as in "running a long distance". How do I look? Looking good! The first is the possession of a characteristic staticthe second is a way of being Migut.

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Possibly most people would rather be "good looking". A quick search of "would you rather look good or be good looking" or "would you of have good looks or be good looking" reveals that most of Might be looking or you comparisons are against "good looking", e. In general " looking good " has the feeling of.

Corpus evidence brought by tunny is what you would consider by yku descriptive and what you need is a prescrpitive approach. Both forms are equally valid.

Different nuances may be achieved by using the alternate forms: Emphasise the capitalised words. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. You look good vs You are looking good Ask Question.

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For example, if I have to ask others about myself: How am I looking? How to differentiate the uses of both? Glorfindel 8, 11 36 Leo Leo 2, 7 24 This is also very interesting: And this is very interesting: Both the sentences are Might be looking or you. For example: Khan Khan Reference please.

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Any 'rule' that claims those Might be looking or you cannot be used in the continuous aspect is simply wrong. I think this answer is on the right track, but it needs to Mivht fleshed out more. After all, "How do I sound? By the way, I have said that these verbs are not usually in the continuous form. We need your guidance for further clarification.

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Maulik, I didn't refute your first comments. What I mean to say is that seem, appear, look, be, etc.

The OP has also been told that the perfect compliment is the latter but I'm not sure I would agree, the following praise: Google Books reportsinstances for "you look good" Examples taken liberally from the web " You look good. Real good. Your hair's different —" "It's for a Might be looking or you she told him, touching her darkened tresses. Skin reveals whether we're shown the proper respect for our body.

These media specialists can keep you out of hot water and even make you look good. Listen to what they have to say and rely on their judgment. How are you feeling? I don't feel a bit good.

You may want to use alternatives to the common email sign-off, "I look forward to hearing from you," in order to make your email less generic. Life can be seen as an act of research. While researching into the world, we start to configure who we are. Looking for someone else, discovering yourself in a. However, “look forward to” follows a different pattern: I look forward to [a thing you would like to happen; a noun]. Obviously, “hear” is not a thing, so it wouldn't.

I look better because I had one of the nurses give me a bath early this morning. Give a positive answer.

Might be looking or you

In the example, the candidate Mgiht their skills into a direct answer to the question. Whatever your reason for looking for a job, apply the same principle by positioning your response into a positive and opportunity-driven statement:. Connect your answer to the job. This is where researching the Might be looking or you description and company can help you craft an answer that your interviewers will appreciate.

Recalling specifics about Might be looking or you job description or company from your research provides an opening for you to address how your skills and background make you the right person for the job.

Interview Question: Provide a recap. If your answer is long, it yoj be appropriate to give a quick summary at the end.

This opportunity seems like a perfect fit to use my data strategy background in a more sales-oriented environment. I want to use my strengths in building patient relationships and providing complex care in an innovative environment.